June 10, 2024

TikTok Filters for Brands

In the vibrant and fast-paced world of TikTok, branded filters, also known as Branded Effects, and Community Effects offer distinct and powerful ways for brands to engage with their audience. These interactive tools not only increase brand visibility but also drive user engagement and content creation. Let’s explore the differences between Branded and Community Effects, and how your brand can leverage them effectively.

Understanding Branded TikTok Filters

What Are Branded Effects?

Branded Effects are custom, sponsored filters created specifically for brands. These effects incorporate brand logos and themes, providing a unique and interactive experience for users. They are designed to fit into specific marketing campaigns, offering features such as call-to-action buttons, brand-specific animations, and more. These effects appear prominently in the TikTok app, ensuring high visibility and engagement【17†source】【19†source】.

Benefits of Branded Effects

1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: Branded Effects are prominently displayed on the For You Page and in the effects tray, making them easy for users to discover and use.
2. Increased Engagement: By creating fun and interactive experiences, Branded Effects encourage users to create and share content, significantly boosting engagement.
3. Customized Branding: These effects can be tailored to align perfectly with your brand’s identity and campaign goals, providing a cohesive marketing experience.
4. Advanced Features: Branded Effects can include interactive elements such as games, 3D animations, and product try-ons, enhancing user interaction and immersion.

Examples of Successful Branded Effect Campaigns

Nike and JD Sports: Virtual Sneaker Try-On 👟

In a standout campaign, JD Sports partnered with Nike to launch a 3D AR Branded Effect for the Nike Air VaporMax sneakers. This filter allowed users to virtually try on the sneakers, resulting in high engagement and visibility. The campaign effectively showcased the product in a fun and interactive way, driving significant user interaction and brand awareness.

Community Effects on TikTok

What Are Community Effects?

Community Effects are filters created by users and available to everyone on TikTok. These effects are not branded and are often created for fun, artistic expression, or community engagement. While they lack the customization options of Branded Effects, they play a significant role in TikTok’s ecosystem by fostering creativity and community participation.

Benefits of Community Effects

1. Widespread Accessibility: Community Effects are available to all TikTok users, promoting widespread use and interaction.
2. Organic Reach: These effects can go viral quickly as users share and interact with them, providing organic reach and engagement.
3. Creative Freedom: Community Effects allow for broad creative expression, enabling users to experiment with different ideas and trends without the constraints of brand guidelines.

Comparing Branded and Community Effects

Key Differences

1. Customization: Branded Effects offer extensive customization options, including brand logos, animations, and interactive elements tailored to specific marketing campaigns. In contrast, Community Effects are more generic and focus on broad creative use.
2. Visibility and Reach: Branded Effects benefit from guaranteed placements and visibility within the TikTok app, while Community Effects rely on organic discovery and sharing by users.
3. Purpose: Branded Effects are designed to promote specific brands or products, enhancing brand messaging and engagement. Community Effects, on the other hand, are created for fun and community interaction, without commercial intent.

Strategic Use for Brands

- Branded Effects: Ideal for targeted marketing campaigns, product launches, and brand engagement strategies. These effects should be part of a broader marketing plan that includes other TikTok ad formats and influencer collaborations to maximize impact.
- Community Effects: Great for organic reach and community engagement. Brands can encourage their followers to use specific Community Effects and participate in trends, indirectly boosting visibility and interaction.

Both Branded and Community Effects offer valuable opportunities for brands on TikTok. By understanding their unique features and strategic advantages, brands can effectively leverage these tools to enhance their marketing efforts, engage with their audience, and drive meaningful results.

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