Verticar is a creative studio specialised in combining the power of vertical content with immersive tech.

CGI ∞ 3D production ∞ Virtual Reality ∞ FOOH ∞ Creative Development ∞ Web AR

New ads

If your ad wants to stand out, you have to impress and be interactive. The new digital generation does not wait and has to be mesmerised by content from the first second.

New design

Traditional ads need a new form of design to be relevant in this age. Curated by the new generation, our designs for digital experiences are fresh and exciting.

New approach

It's normal for the new generation of users to be completely immersed tech. We use digital platforms and channels that are intertwined with trends that engage.

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We are an Award winning agency

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Our XR developers and designers are ready to virtually level-up your brand.

“Pioneers in creativity and execution. On a constant look out for innovation and bringing user experience to life in the most progressive way”

Iana Manzhos
Content Manager, Level Shoes

Our process


With a creative session we will bring our initial ideas to a digital canvas. Carefully curating what platforms we will launch this experience on to get the best results.


Our team will design the experience with UX in mind. Bringing together the vision with our expertise to deliver a first product. After feedback, we will reveal the final experience.


The experience is ready to interact with your selected group of engagers. We will ensure a streamlined launch and provide assistance during and after the campaign.