June 10, 2024

Immersive ML: Turn Your Snap Camera Into a Creative Canvas

Snap has just dropped a game-changer with their latest beta feature: Immersive ML. This new tool allows creators to turn the entire camera canvas into an interactive, ML-powered wonderland. Imagine your whole screen transforming based on creative prompts—whether it's a surreal landscape, a specific art-style or a whimsical fantasy idea. This full-screen ML processing capability is poised to revolutionise how we interact with AR and ML in real-time. Let's dive into what this means and how it fits into the broader trends in immersive ML technology.

The Magic of Immersive ML

Immersive ML leverages advanced machine learning models to analyse and augment the entire camera view, not just a segment of it. This means that every inch of your screen can be dynamically transformed based on what the ML model detects and the creative prompts provided by the user. This is a significant step up from previous capabilities that focused on specific objects or regions within the camera frame.

For instance, if you’re a creator wanting to transport your audience to a van Gogh painting, you can now turn a text prompt into a full-screen effect that is overlayed on top of any virtual objects you add.

Enhanced AR Capabilities

Platforms like Snap and TikTok are continuously evolving their AR features, leveraging ML to create more engaging and dynamic filters and effects. These platforms are working on improving the accuracy and responsiveness of their AR tools, ensuring that users can interact with virtual elements in a more natural and intuitive way. Having an option to not only just turn your face into a ML-inspired masterpiece, but use the whole canvas is a game-changer. Especially as this is running in real-time.


Snap's Immersive ML is a bold step into the future of interactive media. By turning the entire camera canvas into a creative playground, Snap is enabling creators to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AR and ML. This aligns with the broader trend of enhancing user engagement through immersive, real-time experiences.

Reminder! This feature is still in Beta but we expect this feature to be ad-ready later this year.